About Nikki Fryn – The Web designer

Spirited Web Design is the technotoy* of Nikki Fryn, who considers herself a perpetual student of both technology and human nature in equal parts.

“When I first begin working with a new client, I  want to establish a connection, a rapport. I want to get a feel for your aesthetic, so I can identify ways that you’d like your site to appear, and what appeals to your eye..

“The creation, or redesign, of any site site begins with an interview; getting to know you, and gathering lots of information, ensuring that I have an understanding of your business and your offering, and of your intentions for your site. What is it you’re wanting to tell world about you or your business.

“Its also important for me to get a strong sense of what you intend to accomplish with the site. Are you simply looking for new customers, or intending to find an audience, create a community, or even introduce a new concept?

“I consider a web design project complete when it communicates both your identified image and message effectively, and you feel comfortable with the technology and excited to introduce it to the world.”

*term coined by Peter Friedberg – famed neologist. With thanks.